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When you think of intense and highly pigmented makeup, Urban Decay is likely one of the first brands to come to mind. UD took the makeup game up several notches when they introduced their versatile and long-wearing makeup, specifically their eyeliners and eyeshadows.

Since then, this brand has developed a cult following. So much so to where their Naked palettes generate over $1 billion. I first discovered Urban Decay in high school, getting into makeup, and wanted products that were more pigmented and better quality than I could find at the drugstore.

Funny story, I discovered Urban Decay from My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. In an interview, he said he used their products. I was curious and decided to research the brand. Online shopping was first becoming popular, so I found their website and ordered a couple of single shadows.

Since then, I’ve been in love with this brand. I’ve used almost all their products, but their eyeshadows remain my favorite. I removed my Urban Decay shadows for this article and did a few looks with them. But I can only possibly own some Urban Decay shadows and palettes, so I searched the internet for the best watches for the ones I don’t have.

Use Naked 1 for a Shimmery Brown Look that Stands Out

I never bought Urban Decay’s classic Naked One palette because I thought the colors were too brown. That and they all looked the same to me.

But I may change my mind after watching YouTuber AllThatFresh wear this palette. I love the neutral glimmery look she did. It’s an easy look, and the cool tones look beautiful on her. While this palette is discontinued, it’s great to revisit this classic.

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Create a Naked 2 Smoky Eye Look with Tons of Dimension

When I first saw Naked 2, I had to have that palette! Unlike Naked 1, where the colors are too brown for my tastes, I loved all of the versatile colors in Naked 2. Surprisingly enough, I mainly use Naked 2 for a smoky eye. But for today, I’m combining a smoky look with more neutral colors to show off the versatility of this palette.

I am legit only used these two colors: Tease and Snakebite. Tease reminds me of the more intense version of Nooner in Naked 3. It’s a smoky mauve. I use this color quite often, but mainly in my crease. Now, I’m using it as my base shade. Then I’m following with Snakebite, a shiny and golden brown, on my crease.

Tease may become my new base shade. It melts perfectly into my skin. I only applied a little to my lid. From here, I followed with Snakebite. Just a little blending, and I’m done!

I love how perfectly these two colors blended. Just a little eyeliner and mascara, then you’re done! This is perfect as an effortless running-late-to-work look.

Use Naked 3 for a Natural Rosy Glowing Eye

At first, I was hesitant about using Naked 3. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, let alone pink eye makeup.

Urban Decay first released this palette when I worked at Sephora. I ended up demoing the palette for clients who were curious about it, and I was shocked by how natural the colors looked and how subtle the pink was. So I caved and bought it. Now, it’s one of my favorite palettes.

I usually use this palette for natural, rosy looks. But today, I wanted to try something more dramatic. I also used colors I typically don’t use to experiment. I started with Burnout, a metallic light rose, as the base shade.

I dusted it all over the lid and crease. The pictures seem so natural, but they add a little pinky sheen.

Next, I took Nooner and applied it all over my crease. Noon is a color I use pretty often. It’s a deep mauve, but it’s not so dark to where it’s smoky.

From here, I took one of my favorite colors ever, Blackheart, and applied it to the outer corner of my eye. After blending it in, it adds just the perfect amount of definition.

I kept my eyeliner the way it was. As I said, I mainly wear Naked Three as a natural-looking palette, so I usually don’t do anything extreme with my eyeliner. But if I were going out and rocking this look, I would add a cat eye.

Discover Naked Honey to Create Golden, Stand-Out Eyes

This is a pretty palette but not one I would wear, personally. It’s too gold and mustardy for me. I do like those dark browns, though. But I would rather watch other MUAs play around with it.

YouTuber Angela Bright did a great look at this. She used some warm browns with a glimmery yellow and smoked it out with a dark brown. It’s different from a look I would do, and it’s too complex for a beginner, but the final result is gorgeous!

Go Dramatic with the Naked Ultraviolet Palette

I love this palette and can’t believe it fell under my radar! While I wouldn’t consider this a typical Naked palette, this one is stunning.

This palette has many purple shades and some neutral and smoky tones. You can easily create an elegant and colorful look one day or a subtle and toned-down look the next. To amp these looks up, you only need to add darker colors to make your eyes pop!

Of course, I had to look at Robert Welsh’s tutorial with this palette! He did a very non-traditional look with the Ultraviolet palette.

He started by blending some of the rosier tones in his crease, added a light lavender to the inside of his brow area, incorporated some of the darker purples to the outer corner of his eyes, added a light blue to his inner corner, and added a bright purple to his lower lash line.

The result is a very futuristic look that looks amazing on him!

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