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You only know some things about makeup when you first start learning. What is the best order to apply your makeup?

You’ll probably find several different solutions and orders of applications if you search the internet for this answer.

You can guess what I mean if you give me a flexible response.

There are many ways to apply makeup

You can select any of the correct order options!

You’ll notice that many people apply their face makeup first, but they also do their eyes.

Some actions must be performed in a specific order, and others can be interchanged.

We’ll review some of the correct makeup application orders and “don’ts.”

The Rules for Applying Makeup

Do: Prepare your skin using moisturizers and toners before applying makeup.

Don’t: Add liquid or cream products over powders*. They will look very cakey.

Liquid highlighters are an exception. Some liquid highlighters can look good on top of powder. Other times, they look cakey. Try out your products, and if they look cakey, apply them before the powder.

How should makeup be applied?

Answer: We will group four different types of makeup.

Due to their proximity to the eye, some people consider eyebrows part of their makeup. We will consider brows a separate makeup area since they can be classified under either category.

Lipsticks and other lip-related products are usually applied last. This article assumes all lip products are used at the end of your makeup routine.

Eye Makeup in the Correct Order

The most common way to apply eyeshadow shades is in the following order:

Dark matte shade similar in tone to skin tone

Matte transition shades

Mid-toned shades

Deepest shades


It’s not a strict order you have to follow. Some makeup artists begin with the darkest shades and then work their way up to lighter ones. Some people prefer to use satins and shimmers over mattes.

Depending on your desired result, you can also alter the order in which you apply eyeshadows.

Face Makeup in the Correct Order


Color correcting (optional)





Setting Spray

It doesn’t matter in which order you use the powders (pressed or loose), bronzers, blushes, and highlighters. Most people, however, apply them according to their stated order.

If you use a cream highlighter or blush, the order changes dramatically. Remember always to apply creams first!

Use CREAM blushes and highlighters if you use bronzers

You will need to switch the order between cream and powder—powdering cream products after will keep them from becoming cakey and set them in position.

What if I only use one cream product?

Say you use all the products listed, such as a Powder Bronzer, a Cream Blush, and a Powder Highlighter.

You can also use cream products such as a cream contour or highlighter. Apply them at the same time as your cream blush.

This order can be altered depending on what products you use.

How to Apply Brow Makeup Correctly

Many types of eyebrow products include pencils, powders, and gels. Most people use only one or two classes.

You should generally use a powder, pomade, or pencil product first. To set your eyebrows, use the gel at the end.

This section was more straightforward than you thought, huh? Haha! If you want more information, I recommend reading my guide on eyebrow products.

Lip Makeup in the Correct Order

You can figure out how you want to apply lipstick, but there are some things you should do before or after.

Layer your lip products in this way:

Lip Liner


Lip gloss

Apply the darker shade of lipstick first and then the lighter shade.

If I only wear lipstick, then the order doesn’t matter.

Save this image for later.

I ordered Makeup Application

When I use cream products, I make minor changes to how I apply my makeup.

The final step is to spray the setting spray!

Over the last year, my routine and order for applying makeup have changed significantly. I used to start with my eyebrows, then do the face, and then my eyes. It’s okay that I have completely flipped the order. You can adjust your routine to suit the needs of each day.

You don’t have to follow the advice of beauty experts who say that you “HAVE TO do your eyes FIRST!” or “it is stupid to do brows before foundation” or anything else. More personal preference determines the order in which you apply your makeup.

This post is intended to help you. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. I will do my best to answer them.

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