Matrix brass off shampoo

It used to seem that anti-brass care was only for blondes. It’s easy to forget about salon brunettes who also have to deal with brassiness or color fading. The Matrix purple hair shampoo is an excellent choice for blondes. But brunettes who are battling brass will also benefit from this product! The brand offers the Matrix Brass Off range, formulated to combat brass in dark hair colors.

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What is Matrix Total Results brass off?

Imagine this: you decide to lighten the naturally dark brunette hair only to find that unwanted warm tones appear a few days after your appointment at the salon. Blue-tinted products can help. Blue tones can be a game changer for brunettes, as purple tones counteract brassiness in blondes and faded colors. The Matrix Total Results brass offline is designed to neutralize brassy colors while protecting hair from breakage. The opposite color of every color in the wheel can cancel it. Blue and orange are complementary colors, so the blue pigments in blue shampoo help balance orange tones.

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Matrix Total Results Blue Brass Shampoo

If you notice that brassy tones have begun to dominate your dark brown hair, invest in a formula of blue shampoo. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue shampoo is our favorite. This clarifying shampoo uses blue-violet dyes to neutralize brassy colors.

Matrix Brass Off Shampoo $14.00 MSRP

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner work best together. To get the best results, follow your Total Results Brass-Off Shampoo with the matching Total Results Conditioner. The formula does not deposit color and nourishes and moisturizes dry hair.

Matrix Total Results Blonde Threesome

The old saying is true: good things come in 3s. The Matrix Total Results Bronze Off Blonde threesome is the perfect leave-in conditioner for multiple hair issues. The product smoothes and softens hair strands while protecting them from damage up to 450° Fahrenheit.

Matrix Total Results Custom Neutralization Mask

Are you looking for a hair product to nourish your hair and maintain its color? The Matrix Total Results Custom Neutralization Mask is a great product. This formula is a color-depositing product that contains blue-violet pigments to neutralize and remove brass and orange tones. It helps to repair and protect delicate hair.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Custom Neutralization Packette

Brassy hair is often caused by sun exposure. This on-the-go hair mask is perfect for any trip, whether to the beach or an island. This single-use pack features the same formula that fights brass in a carry-on-friendly package, so it’s perfect for your next trip.

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