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Layering fragrance is an art form that we’re committed to enhancing, and obviously, it’s a way to share with our world… or, at minimum, your routine for beauty. If you need to get more familiar with layering your fragrance, it’s a Middle Eastern tradition that involves mixing different fragrances to create a unique scent. The layering scent is the core of KAYALI scents. We enjoy layering fragrances to develop scents that reflect our mood.

KAYALI’s third birthday is today. To mark the occasion, we thought we’d create the ultimate guide on creating a flawless layer of fragrance, AKA like our perfume princess and the founder of KAYALI, Mona Kattan. She’s the queen of layering scents, which is why, as you’d imagine that she smells amazing and everyone else around her! She has this captivating scent everywhere she goes that keeps you on your toes. Here’s how you can add your perfume to the mix, as well as her top tips for layering:

Fragrance Layering

Then we’ll get to the main point: the key to layering scents is to stack scents in order of intensity. The base must be a powerful scent, then a perfume spray with lighter notes. For instance, an oud base note will complement the central message of rose accented by an over scent of jasmine.

If you’re learning about layering, we suggest keeping to these fragrance families: warm, floral and fresh, sweet gourmand, and citrus. However, scents like vanilla, musky, and most citrus scents blend and layer wonderfully, so search for aromas with these notes.

Complex, intense scents with light notes create the most dreamy scents.

Be sure to spray according to your scent’s intensity, first with the most aromatic aroma.

The Easiest Way To Layer

Layering your scents can be a bit hit-and-missed when starting. Sometimes two scents make the most incredible scent, while other times, it can be too strong or sweet. It’s no secret that perfumes can be expensive; the thought of wasting perfume on things other than the one that transports you to heaven could be a bit of an unnecessary loss. This is why we developed the double-ended KAYALI rollerballs. They’re the easiest method to practice and master the technique of layering. It also allows you to layer even when in motion.

Double-ended rollerballs come with two different scents in 5ml size and are grouped because both unique scents are so delicious when combined. You can wear the two perfumes or mix them according to your mood. It’s also a fantastic method to experiment with new scents without spending a fortune on expensive bottles and mastering layering fragrances.

KAYALI Rollerballs

Vanilla 28 & Musk 12 Eau De Parfum Rollerball Price: $25 The one part of the rollerball is packed by VANILLA | 28, which is a sweet and warm gourmand scent containing scents of musk, amber, and patchouli. Then, on the other side, 12 is A robust blend with outstanding notes of lotus flowers, freesia, lotus flower, and jasmine. Mix the two, and you’ll be greeted with an inviting, warm scent that’s lavish and mysterious.

The perfect choice for Winter fun in the snow or watching a film with your best friend.

23 and Deja Vu White Flower 56 Eau de Parfum Intense rollerball at $25:On one hand, there’s an intoxicating amber scent, which is rich, warm, and powerful as well, as on the other side, the most romantic white floral scent. Combined, they produce the most stimulating and addictive scent that’s so hot.

Ideal to use for a date, the night away with a partner, or to be the most dominant boardroom.

Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper 25 and Utopia Vanilla Coco 21 Eau De Parfum Intense Rollerball, $25: If you enjoy spicy and sweet scents, you’ll fall over this rollerball. It starts with the vibrant Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper, followed by the luscious holiday scent of Utopia Vanilla Coco |21. Together, they make the most romantic scent that is a bit spicy.

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