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I frequently go out with friends, and the classic Red lipstick has been my primary choice for most outfits. There’s something about red that accentuates the power, increases the elegance, and gives an entire appearance to any ensemble.

I’ve had a lot of red lipsticks in the past, and my makeup cabinet has two different red lipsticks. One is Essence,, which is soft and soft, and the other is by Huda Beauty. In other situations, I don’t think it matters to me what the longevity of the lipstick is. I’m fine when it dries slightly. But for special occasions such as weddings, dates, and other special events. When getting to the bathroom and applying the finishing touches, I like lipstick that lasts long. I wouldn’t say I like it when you eat food and then you see an ugly crease on your lip. It’s not flattering. I was searching for a lipstick that stayed even after eating food. Huda Beauty Heartbreaker, luckily, ‘s the one that won’t fade one bit.

My favorite friend asked me which makeup product I wanted to purchase on my birthday. I slammed said that I was looking for an eyeshadow that wouldn’t blink regardless of what. Then she suggested the Huda Beauty brand, and I was awestruck. I’m a girl who doesn’t spend a lot on makeup. I’m spending about 300 rupees on lipstick, and that’s my budget! I’ve never purchased an expensive shade that was more than what I could afford.

When my friend recommended that brand name, red was the first color that came to mind; since I am the one who wears red most often on dates, it was my choice. I also wear browns, maroons, nudes, and pinks on dates, but that’s uncommon. My best friend gave me the Huda Beauty Heartbreaker matte liquid lipstick and makeup revolution I Heart Revolution Dragon’s Heart eyeshadow.


Huda Beauty’s packaging has a design that draws attention regardless of the product line. The first glance of this lipstick enticed me, and I was eager to test it! The consistency was smooth, and I sat down to try a small swatch on my wrist and fell in love with it. I’m tempted to wear this lipstick all day because it’s amazing! What do you think of it? Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in the Heartbreaker shade? Find out in the full review here.


Huda Beauty’s new lip beautifier, the Liquid Matte, is an unparalleled alternative to lip gloss that is liquid. The tried-and-true comfort-wear formula of the top beauty expert, Huda Kattan, has been infused with antioxidants and a unique formula to keep the lips Hydration. The lightweight formula smudges on a skinny layer of color that gets darker when it sets, creating a matte, non-transferable finish with remarkable durability. It’s possible to forget that you’re even wearing lipstick in the first place! Explore your style and mix colors to create your look. Combine it with a matching Huda Beauty Lip Contour to create a complete set.


As I said earlier, Huda Beauty’s packaging is always memorable. I loved this lipstick’s packaging, especially the way it’s packed in a case. A majority of the lipsticks I own come in a padded box; however, this one, as it’s a premium product, comes in a large container that has a slide-on cap made of plastic. I also loved the lipstick placed on the lips to indicate the color one should anticipate.

After you remove the lipstick from the packaging, you’ll see a beautiful transparent tube with the brand and cap in black. Additionally, you will love how ‘Beauty’ stands out with its beautiful pink shimmer.


The applicator has a standard sponge tip. I didn’t need a lip pencil since this one provided a sharp, clean outline. Some people think that this applicator may not be suitable for having lips that are defined; however, I didn’t have any issues. This product performs well on its own. It’s also long-lasting, so you don’t need additional makeup tricks to keep the product longer. If you’re traveling, you only need one lipstick suitable for red lips.

The application runs smoothly and completely hassle-free.


The consistency is smooth and thick. It takes a few minutes for the lipstick to dry completely, but it is challenging to work with because the character has a smooth texture. The surface isn’t runny, and, as such, this is the reason why application, as mentioned earlier, is easy to apply.

The lipstick doesn’t dry your lips. It’s not too heavy and can be easily worn for long periods. Even when you drink or eat, the lipstick will not fall off. It’s possible to see minor discoloration in the inner corners of the lips. If you manage to keep a slack smile to a minimum, it will not be noticed by people around you.


We all want a lipstick that won’t wear off after eating. I think that the USP for this item will be its long-lasting power. If you have an upcoming wedding and are planning to wear red lipstick, take this on without hesitation. It’s a lovely shade of red…not too bright or too dark. This is the traditional red hue that you should get.


Yes, I believe so. It will be my first costly lipstick if I decide to do it. Even if I were to choose an alternative to the Heartbreaker, I’d opt for one of the ranges because I was just awed by this product’s result!

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