How to do eyeliner

What would the world look like without liners? Do you think Adele will become Adele without her wing-liner? Do you think Kim Kardashian even has a “natural” makeup look to use without having not just one, but not two, however, not even two, but three eyeliners? It’s a scary, sad space to think about. However, even though eyeliner is a crucial component in our routine makeup, it’s necessarily easy to manage.

After getting acquainted with the best eyeliner to use in what situation and what to use in each, we began searching for the most effective ways to make it as easy for everyone. Here are the top eyeliner tips every woman needs to be aware of.

Use Taupe-Colored Eyeliner to Open Up Your Eyes

We’re sure it is on your mind: Taupe? Who will even notice it? However, consider this to be an exercise in visual effects. “It adds subtle drama and makes eyes look bigger without making them look heavy or closing them up the way a dark brown or black will,” says the famous makeup artist (and the founder Fiona Stiles Beauty) Fiona Stiles Beauty) Fiona Stiles. “I smudge it all around the lash line, top, and bottom, or swipe it on the waterline.” Fiona Stiles Beauty Ultra Smooth Waterproof Eye Defining pencil available in Mulholland ($16, contains just enough pigmentation to create a dramatic effect.

Use Mascara as Liner When You’re in a Rush

Are you aware of those mornings when you’ve tried to sleep five times and are afraid you’ll melt if the sun touches your skin? This is the time you’ll require this technique the most. “Try using your mascara as a liner,” suggests makeup artist Moani Lee. “I curl lashes and then add two to three coats of mascara, pressing and holding the lash wand into the root of the lashes without wiggling it.” This puts mascara on the roots and creates the effect of opening the eyes without liner.

Trace Your Cat Eye With a Pencil First

In times of crisis, desperate times require drastic measures. And is there a more desperate time when trying to achieve a super-exquisite cat eye but can’t get it right? (No, it’s there isn’t.) If you’re trying to create an even more precise style than liquid liner, start by drawing the design you’d like to remove using an easy brown liner. “It’s a lot easier to clean up than liquid liner, and then you can perfect the shape with minimal risk,” Stiles explains. Stiles.

Use a Post-It As a Guide for Winged Liner

We could earn a dollar each time we made two perfectly-drawn but uneven wings on our eyeliner. In that case, we’d be wealthy enough to fund an unpopular presidential campaign. To avoid feeling sunk when you get away from the mirror and discover that the two wings aren’t quite right, you can use the staple of your desk, the Post-it. “Place it from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow,” suggests makeup expert Troy Surratt. “It helps direct the flick, like a guide to ensure they’re even on each side.”

Makeup Primer Is Better Than Makeup Remover for Erasing Mistakes

It’s strange. But unless you have a meticulous hand, you risk getting remover everywhere–including where you didn’t screw up. Additionally, the oil in the makeup remover can cause the liner to drag more, according to makeup expert Katie Jane Hughes. Instead, “Polish up the shape and precision with a small synthetic brush dipped in a primer,” advises Lee, a big lover of Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($18, “This smooths out the edges while ensuring longevity and water resistance.” A Q-tip is also a good choice.

Smudge Gel Liner With a Concealer Brush for a Smoky Effect

“When I apply eyeliner, I apply a tiny brush, similar to a concealer brush by moving it in a circular motion against the edge of my eyeliner till it is completely coated. After that, I use the brush to rub the liner onto,” says Stiles. If the style you’re looking for needs sharp edges or lines, it’s ten times easier to achieve this because the brush provides greater control. Additionally, the smudginess can be more tolerant, particularly in the case of hands that are shaken. Tips This is particularly useful for those who have monolids. “Create a thick line with the brush and buff it out,” Lee advises Lee. “It has a soft, eye-opening effect.”

Create a Dramatic Cat Eye in Smaller Steps

There’s no way to describe it better. Liquid liner is among the most awful. It also provides a unique, vibrant color, a crisp edge, and the ability to be used for a long time. A brush that resembles a pen, like the Surratt Beauty Auto-Graphique Liner ($42,, can help you draw precision lines. It helps break the process down into three distinct steps. “First, perfect the flick at the end–make sure each flick is even and the same width, as well as symmetrical,” says Surratt. Next, draw a thin line along the tear duct in the corners of the inside, tying with the wings towards the end. Then, you can finish the winged outline.

Match Your Liner and Your Shadow for an Unexpected Combo

In addition, doubling your liner and shadow ensures it’s budge-proof, but it’s also modern. “I love a liner that matches the eye shadow,” says Stiles. “You still get the definition, but it’ll look cooler and more modern than just using predictable black.”

Look Down Into Your Mirror for Better Precision

This is one of those suggestions which sounds great in the abstract but only applies in real life. The good news is that it’s not. (Really. We’ve just tested it.) Instead of using the mirror in your bathroom, put a handheld mirror on the counter below your skin. “Look down into it so you don’t have to contend with your lashes, as you would if you were looking straight on,” Surratt says.

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