How long does it take for hair to grow back

Hair is a significant element in defining a person’s image; consequently, it can be highly stressful for those suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss can reduce confidence. However, the good fact is that, in most instances, it can be reversed. However, it is essential to be realistic and realize that it’s not a quick recovery. There is some improvement in the growth of hair. It may be visible within a couple of weeks; however, it takes several months before the first noticeable changes are evident.

There’s no doubt that regrowth is a process that requires patience and a routine, but we’re here to explain how long it takes to grow hair back. So, keep following!

Stages of Hair Growth

The growth of hair begins at hair follicles. This is an opening in the scalp’s surface to allow hair to grow. On average, 100,000 follicles are on the scalp.

The growth of hair is a process consisting of four phases, which are in the following order:

AnagenAnagen is the active growth phase, lasting between 2 to 8 years before hair follicles go dormant.

Catagen- a phase of transition that happens if hair growth stops. It usually lasts between 4-6 weeks.

TelogenTelogen – it’s a period of resting where hair does not develop or fall out, which lasts approximately 2 to 3 months.

ExogenThis is the time when hair sheds, and it usually lasts between 2 and 5 months.

If you have a normal scalp and do not suffer from hair loss, 90 to 95 percent of the hair follicles will remain in the anagen or growing phase, with the majority, five to 10 percent being in the Telogen phase. There are also some hair follicles located that are in the catagen stage.

Exogen, which some consider part of the telogen stage, is when hair falls off the scalp. It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hair strands daily.

How long will it take for hair to regrow?

The growth rate of hair isn’t an exact science since it varies according to the conditions, which include race or age, lifestyle, or even gender.

For instance, male hair grows faster than female locks. As we age, especially at 30 years old, hair growth slows down as strands become smaller, which is why hair that has matured shrinks.

It is also possible that ethnicity plays a significant role in hair growth rate. Research studies have revealed that, on average Asian hair grows fastest, at 0.49 inches per month. Caucasian hair grows about 0.44 inches per month, and black hair increases by about 0.33 inches per month.

If you’re wondering what time it takes for the hair to recover after cutting it, If you were to cut off shoulder-length hair into the shape of a cropped hairstyle, it could take two to three years to return to the length it was in. If you’re curious about the size of hair that can grow in six months, it’s about 3 inches.

How long will hair take to regrow following loss of hair?

Hair regrowth rates will differ depending on the cause of the loss of your hair and the kind of loss you’re experiencing. Hair growth after a loss could be to a different texture or color than the previous state. The causes of hair loss and regrowth rate include:

Alopecia Areata

A condition that causes autoimmune disease, those suffering from alopecia areata notice that their bodies immune systems are attacking hair follicles and causing hair loss in patches. Most often, it affects the scalp. However, it may result in hair loss in different areas that are part of our bodies to shed, like the eyebrows, lashes, and even the legs.

Alopecia can be unpredictable in that hair will start to grow back and then fall out. If hair grows back, the whole process may last for months and it fully recovers within a year. However, most sufferers will have multiple episodes during their entire life.


If a person is experiencing stress, it may trigger hair loss, also called Telogen effluvium. The stressors that trigger this type of hair loss are illness, death within the family, pregnancy, and even surgeries.

Hair loss begins approximately two months following the first event that causes stress and may last for at least six months. Telogen effluvium is typically an all-over thinning hair, not patches such as alopecia areata, which take three to six months to regrow.

One method to relieve stress is to give regular scalp massages that can stimulate blood flow, which can encourage regrowth. Apply a hair treatment like one with the hair oil black Seed Oil Elixir for Hair. Oil Elixir is made to improve scalp and hair health and encourage hair growth.

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Final Thoughts

Although the growth rate varies based on the cause of hair loss in terms of how fast hair regrowth occurs, it is customary to see change within a couple of months. It is crucial to determine the root cause before trying to treat hair lossecause you might require medical attention prbeforeour the hair’s recovery. Keep in mind that you can’t increase the rate of growth of your hair. This is a long-term process requiring patience andan ongoing routine to restore hair to its previous beauty.

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