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The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. It is essential to include them in your daily skincare routine. Since childhood, I have used the first lip moisturizing product that came to my hands: Vaseline. The product has been around for over a century, and I trust it because of its nostalgic value. But I also love lip gloss. I love a stunning glow that has a non-sticky, smooth texture. Clarins Comfort lip oil is both a gloss and a lip treatment in one. I knew I needed to try it. Read my complete review of Clarins Comfort Lip Oil.

A BIT ABOUT THE BRANCH: Clarins was founded in 1954 and used nature to inspire its plant-based skincare formulations.

What about my lips? Prone to drying

My lips tend to be dry, so I crave deep moisture. It can be difficult to find a lip product that doesn’t lose its shine or dry out quickly. My experience has shown that glosses with hydrating qualities, like Fenty Beauty’s Universal Lip Luminizer, last longer than the average. Lip balms are a better option for me because they last longer. I obviously wanted to know how effective Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is.

The ingredients: Plant-based formula

Clarins Comfort lip oils are formulated using 93% plant-based, naturally occurring ingredients. The lip oils contain organic sweetbriar oil rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fats. Other active ingredients include hazelnut oil and Jojoba oil. These oils contain skin-soothing Vitamin E that encourages collagen production.

Simple instructions on how to apply

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil has a lot of versatility. It can be applied to the lips as a top layer over lip stain. It can be used before bed to add moisture overnight or worn alone as a gloss. Its doe-foot applicator is ultra-soft and makes for an enjoyable application experience. The applicator is slightly angled and picks up enough oil to ensure a thorough application. Applying more than one layer of lip oil to my lips gave me the shine I wanted.

Results: Shiny, moisturizing

Clarins Lip Comfort oil gave me the feeling of being deeply moisturized that I wanted. The glossy shine was a bonus because I was so pleased with the soothing effect. The oil’s smooth texture made it easy to apply. After a few swipes, my lips were soft and glowing. Five of the lip oils are pH-adapting. This determines your personalized color tone. The tint was a beautiful pink when I used Strawberry. I usually dislike sticky products, but I have never had that problem. The oil dried out after about an hour and a half of each application (I ate, drank, and used it throughout the day). If you’re sensitive to fragranced items, this is something to consider. The scents are pleasant.

It’s worth it

Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil is available for $28 per 0.2 ounce. The oil’s overall quality is fantastic, making it more likely I will purchase it regularly to keep it in my daily skincare routine. The product you get for $28 is average compared to other lip oils. The luxurious shine is, however, above average.

Similar Products: You can choose from a variety of options

Dior Liquid Lip Gloss: This oil is trendy in TikTok. It’s a good product for a longer-lasting shine. While on the more expensive end of the spectrum, Dior’s lip glow oil ($40) is enriched with cherry oil. It also uses Color Reviver Technology (which means the oil reacts to your lips’ moisture levels to create a unique color).

Jaclyn Pout Hydrating Lip OilThis oil is available in 10 different colors. It is also infused with Jojoba Oil like Clarins lip comfort oil. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil offers a lot more products than Jaclyn’s Pout Drizzle Hydrating Lip Oil ($20).

Final Verdict

Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil has a luxurious texture, healthy ingredients and a high-gloss finish. The non-sticky feeling of the oil, as someone who always keeps lip gloss in her purse, is a pleasant surprise. The subtle tint that certain shades give is the cherry on top.

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