Budget Glow With the Sleek “Cleopatra’s Kiss” Highlighting Palette

Hey there, my lovelies! This beautiful day is a great opportunity to share with you my thoughts on this amazing piece. Cleopatra’s Kiss highlighting palette by Sleek MakeUP (PS9.99, Boots). You might have noticed that I don’t use highlighters very often. This is mainly because of my oily complexion. My highlighter usually blends in with my natural skin shine, which is not a great look. However, I do enjoy the occasional highlight on a matte foundation (Estee’s Double Wear It always works! Recently, I’ve been looking for budget-friendly alternatives to see if there are any hidden gems. Cleopatra’s Kiss The beautiful packaging, shades, and exotic name made this palette very appealing! I hope you enjoy it!

The packaging is stunning. This palette is far more luxurious and expensive than many other high-end palettes. The gold mirror is not only elegant but sturdy and compact to travel with. The mirror and brush are also included. It’s a nice touch, but I prefer my brushes. Cleopatra’s Kiss consists of a total of four shades: two creams and two baked-powder highlighters.

It was my first time using cream highlighters, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to blend and apply (I recommend a Beauty blender for these). The formula is buttery and feels like it will melt on your skin. It looks natural and delicate. This palette is perfect for me because I like a subtle highlight without being too bright. The only thing I don’t like about this palette is its poor staying power. Maybe it’s my oily face that doesn’t like the formula, but the highlight fades and looks streaky within a few hours. It’s also not easy to reapply on the go.

The formula of the baked powders is confusing. The baked powders are as beautiful in their packaging, but they become a glittery mess once applied. Lot There is a lot of confusion. This could be due to my skin or the foundation I used, but the application was messy. Powders are less pigmented than cream shades. This is not necessarily a negative thing, especially if you want a subtler glow. The powders give off a subtle, shimmery glow that lasts all day. They don’t streak or patch up like cream formulas.

Shades Included:

Sphinx. This is an absolutely gorgeous golden bronze powder. It was my first thought that the powder would be too dark on my pale skin. However, the pigmentation is very light, so I can easily apply the perfect amount to give me that summery, healthy glow.

Delta. A warm golden bronze with a cream finish. This is definitely too dark for me, but it looks stunning on darker skin tones.

Dynasty. Gold champagne shimmering with a cream finish. This one is brighter and reflects light better when applied. It would be great if it didn’t become so patchy within a few hours.

Goddess. This powder is so pretty and pink. I use it almost every day. It is a bit messy to apply, but the color and shimmery finish is really nice.

Overall, this palette is a good introduction to cream highlighters. However, the formula has some flaws. The packaging is stunning, and the shades are gorgeous. They’d look beautiful on darker skin tones. Despite the reasonable price (PS9.99), I still recommend One of NYX’s highlighting palettes, Although I appreciate the warmth and exotic charm of Cleopatra’s Kiss. Honesty is the best policy 6/10 From me!

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