Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit Review + Win Your Own! International Giveaway

My lovelies, hello! Hope you are all enjoying your week. Today, I’m very excited to bring you a review for the Sugar Glow Kit highlighter palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (PS41, Feelunique). You may remember that I used to be reluctant about using highlighters. I love the look of a glowy face, but as you might guess, excessively greasy skin is not compatible with highlighters. Even so, I like to add a bit of glow to my matte foundations from time to time. Recently, I’ve been looking at more high-end options. Today, I’m going to go into more detail about the ABH Limited Edition Glow Kit that I recently purchased. You can also enter a giveaway at the bottom of this post. Win an Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit Palette on Your Own?

You can also find out more about the following: Sugar Glow Kit, Which is a limited-edition highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The set contains four highlight powders. The shades are a range of sugary pinks, soft bronzes, and peach undertones. The majority of these shades were featured in previous Glow Kits. Gumdrop This is a completely new, chromatic color, and it’s probably the most exciting in the palette. These powders, according to the ABH site, can be used dry or wet, depending on how intense you want them to be. They can also be used for the face and body. The powders can be used on the body and face. Sugar Glow Kit It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, which I find to be a big plus since I have been trying to make more conscious choices with my makeup lately.

These are the butteriest, velvetiest highlighting powders I’ve ever used. These powders are smooth and easy to apply, with no fallout. They are also very buildable – they can be used to create a subtle glow or a blinding one (for the above swatches, I have used three layers). I find that these look natural on the skin despite their intensity. They melt into the skin very well despite the glitter. The shades are listed below:

Marshmallow is a pearly white shade. This is a bright white with some beautiful gold undertones. When applied to the cheekbones, it looks very subtle.

Gumdrop- chromatic lilac pink. It’s one of the most beautiful highlighters I have ever seen. This shimmering shade can change from gold to lilac, depending on how you look at it. The photo does not do this product justice. It looks stunning when applied and gives you a multidimensional glow.

Starburst – icy Pink is a cool pink with a frosty finish that pairs well with Marshmallow. It gives off a subtle glow but can be built up for a more dramatic, intense effect.

Butterscotch – shimmery honey golden. I was worried about this color as the yellow undertones do not usually agree with my pale complexion. This is a beautiful color that melts into the skin and gives you a soft glow.

Overall, this palette is great, and I use it almost every day. As you would expect for the price, the quality of the highlighters is excellent. The creamy formula is great, as are the shades and longevity. (About eight to ten hours with a setting mist). This would make a great starter palette for anyone who is just starting with highlighters because the powders are so easy to use and buildable.

As a small thank you for your love and support of my blog, I will be giving away this gorgeous Sugar Glow Kit Highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. As it’s quite expensive, I thought that I would give one to a lucky recipient!

The giveaway will run between 11th January 2018 and 21st February 2019. The winner will then be announced in the next post.

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