A 7-Step Clean Beauty Routine for Clear Skin

You will see improvements in your skin no matter how bad it is. For problem skin, consistency can make a huge difference.

It is possible to switch to a clean routine for your skin care. The skin of a person with blemishes is already sensitive. Therefore, it’s possible to soothe the condition by removing irritating chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances from conventional skin care products.

Another source of irritation is the drying products that are used in many traditional acne treatments. These can cause skin inflammation and lead to more breakouts. The best way to keep your oil glands in check is to use gentler products that don’t strip the skin. Dry skin causes more oil production.

Reducing dairy, processed foods and refined sugar can be just as important as what goes on your skin. Stress can also trigger breakouts. You will be a blessing to your skin and entire body.

These clear-skin treatments are gentle and effective. They can be used day or night and last a long time. You can choose a product from each step and then go all-in, just like you would with a step-by step acne kit. Each step should be done every day. You can replenish whenever you run out.

Remember that your skin will improve once you have it. You need to continue using the new routine for at least six weeks before you can judge its effectiveness. Consistency is just as important as your skin becoming clearer. It’s easy for your skin to think that you don’t need it anymore if there are no active breakouts. Keep following your routine, and you’ll see results.


Regular cleansing helps reduce excess oil and keeps bacteria under control. The key ingredient in any cleanser, and in every step of the skin-routine, is salicylic Acid. This exfoliates and soothes the skin, as well as reducing the likelihood of future breakouts. Aspirin is another form, but it can also be labeled as beta hydroxy acid or willow bark. If you are oily, cleanse your skin morning and evening. After a workout, cleanse again. RMS face wipes, which are infused in non-comedogenic, cold-centrifuged organic coconut oil, are great to have in your makeup bag and gym bag. They’re also useful for nighttime when you don’t feel like washing your face.


Toners and essences can be used to complement your treatment steps. A good one does a light exfoliating job and leaves the treatment ingredients on your skin. G.Tox contains detoxifying malachite and glycolic, phytotic, and fruit acid to refine texture and clear pores. Vintner’s Daughter essence contains pre- and probiotics and pore-clearing apple juice vinegar.


Exfoliating–removing the top, dead layers of skin, along with oil, dirt, debris, makeup, and anything else that can clog pores–is critical in any skin-clearing routine. Exfoliants are a great way to address skin problems. They can soften dark spots and lines as well as make it easier for any skin treatments to penetrate the skin. Either physical or chemical exfoliation can be used. Sometimes, a combination approach is best. The best chemical exfoliants are alpha (lactic, citric and malic acids) or beta hydroxy acids, also known as salicylic acid. Other chemical exfoliants include enzymes in fruits. You can use granules or grains to exfoliate. Your skin’s needs will dictate how often you exfoliate. Find your sweet spot and stay there. However, the GOOPGLOW overnight exfoliant should not be used more than once per week.


Face masks that are skin-calming and detoxifying can be a powerful addition to your daily routine. The active ingredients are able to stay on the skin for longer periods of time than a cleanser. Charcoal treatments are great for skin problems. It has the incredible ability to draw out impurities and shrink pores. A mask made with botanical blue tansy can calm the skin.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that targets pores while mildly exfoliating in the same deal. It’s great for all skin types, and can support any blemish treatment routine. You can use it morning and night. We love it right after we wake up to cleanse.


It is tempting to dry out oily skin in an effort to reduce it. However, overdrying can cause skin irritation and increase oil production. Face oils and creams are naturally rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Look for blends that are specifically made to clear and treat acne. You should also know that mineral sunscreen (which is very skin-soothing and can provide all the moisture you need for daytime) can be very helpful for many people.


It can cause blemishes to last longer and scarring. Spot treatments can satisfy that same need to do something. They are also useful if there is an obvious blemish. The Mighty Patch invisible-ish stickers made of hydrocolloid are genius. Place them on the spots and go about your day. After a while, the blemish will be less obvious. You can also reduce blemishes by applying a turbo-charged blend of zinc and magnesium as well as essential oils such the Tata Harper infusion.

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