7 Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Face and Body

We love winter for its holiday season, warm sweaters and hot chocolate. But we hate how it affects our skin. It’s almost as if our skin changes overnight from plump and nourished to dry and cracked.

“In winter, there is less moisture in the air because of the environment and abrasive circumstances, such as the wind. Central heating and other indoor factors can also reduce the humidity level,” says Dendy Engelman M.D., a New York City dermatologist. This makes it more difficult for the skin’s natural protective oils to protect against environmental aggressors. The skin becomes dry and cracked as a result.

It doesn’t have it to be that way. These seven expert-backed skincare hacks can transform your skin from¬†nada¬†into Prada.

Use a humidifier

Dr. Engelman says that humidifiers protect skin by replenishing moisture and maintaining humidity levels (about 40-60%). The Canopy humidifier is recommended by Dr. Engelman because it has a technology that prevents mold growth and has an evaporative mechanism that releases only pure, hydrated air, not water vapour.

Avoid Taking Hot Showers

Dr. Engelman says that while it can be tempting to heat up in winter, hot water can strip the oils from the skin, making it more vulnerable to flaking, cracking, drying out and drying out. To preserve as much moisture as possible, cool it down on the water temperature.

Moisturize Your Skin While It Is Still Damp

Dr. Engelman recommends that you apply your body oil or lotion after a not-too hot shower (or face wash). She explains that this helps to lock in moisture.

Moisturize Your Lips

Dr. Engelman says that lips can become extremely dry in winter because of the thinner skin and constant exposure to the elements. Our lips have between three to five layers of cell membranes, while the rest of the skin has approximately 16. Lips also don’t have oil glands, which is why they aren’t able to retain moisture. It is important to care for them. Dr. Engelman recommends the Lano Original 101 Ointment because its formula contains 200% of its weight moisture, and it quickly heals dry, cracked skin.

Get lots of water

We all know how important it can be to keep hydrated. Dr. Engelman says that many people forget about water when it’s cold outside. She says that winter skin doesn’t retain as much moisture, so drinking water can help replenish some of this hydration.

Make sure you are aware of the ingredients in your skincare products

You probably have a favorite moisturizer, but Dr. Engelman recommends looking at the ingredients list on your products to make sure you are using the most nourishing products for the season. She says that Hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1000x its weight in water, is a great ingredient for hydration. “Ceramides, peptides strengthen the skin barrier and help skin retain moisture. Skin can also be kept hydrated by lightweight oils like shea and jojoba.

Do not skimp on hand care

It’s important to wash our hands every day, as we all should. Keep a hand cream at your desk, in the car and in your purse to remind you to apply again. To give your nails extra moisture, apply a cuticle oil twice daily.


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