What is a womanizer

Many women today might believe they can detect the signs of a womanizer. In the end, TV films and shows and shocking headlines about people exhibiting bad behavior could be enough information about the warning signs indicating women are falling in love.

If you’re engaged in a romantic relationship, it’s easy to overlook or downplay any warning signals that indicate your partner may be the womanizer. In the end, think about what might be at stake when you open your eyes and realize that you could lose your relationship or be physically injured, and you’ll feel like you’re “gas-lighted” and don’t think you can trust your judgment.

I sincerely hope these questions, suggestions, and advice from thousands of ladies I’ve counseled have been helpful to you.

Is there a girl who isn’t?

Females who are womanizers appear in a variety of attractive disguises. They do share the following traits:

In general, a womanizer is a man who lies, charms, misleads, cheats, disrespects, and–surprisingly-has a low sense of self-worth and high fear of emotional intimacy with a woman.

Womanizers suffer from chronic, unfulfillable desires to be necessary, powerful, and influential in charge of their life and work – and the eyes of others. They must be admired and respected. In contrast to misogynists, they don’t dislike women. They have to be revered by women.

What are the signs that a man is female-oriented?

What exactly is a womanizer? Does he consider himself a womanizer? Take note of these indicators to determine the definition of a womanizer:

He is attracted by attention. They thrive on personal and public praise. Sometimes, they are easy to recognize. They are natural when they are in the limelight. They are awed by being featured on television, in newspapers and awarded various honors for charity and community.

Photographs of him usually include him as a gorgeous, powerful, rich, and wealthy woman on his arm. In contrast, the men could be seen with wives whose behavior reveals how much she loves them. For example, she is known to be beaming and smiling excessively. She cannot keep her eyes off of him.

He is prone to getting into and out of relationships

Men like this tend to have multiple weddings, divorces, or separations. No woman seems “good enough” for him. However, due to his achievements and strength, the public usually “forgives” him for his divorces and frequent affairs with women, whether married or not!

These men require this respect. They can’t survive without it. The concern is akin to food and fuel to him. He also is afraid that someday the supply of consideration will be exhausted.

He favors submissive women

So why do these guys be able to spot women who are obedient and who can overlook his cheating and later forget about his bad conduct? His best targets are women who must be saved from a miserable life and want to be with a “good catch.”

Why do women who are sexy do such a thing? What’s wrong with them?

A twist on a phrase that is popular womanizers is women dressed as wolves. They feel the need to control the situation by appearing and being and believe they are influential and respected.

But in the heart, they are from families where weakness could be dangerous and was viewed as a sign of disrespect. Their survival was contingent on their quick assessment of situations and people. They’re compelled to be successful, wealthy, and control their world. There is no way to fail, even the possibility of cheating or lying, violating laws, and harming the person they are abusing.

The specifics of their childhood might differ; however, their lives as a family comprised, at a minimum, some of the following situations.

A number of their caregivers were abusive both verbally and physically. When they were young, future womanizers could not do anything; they were scared, frightened, abandoned, scared, weak, and determined not to be another victim.

Do you remember that scene from Gone with the Wind in which Scarlett raises her fists to the heavens and promises never to go hungry again? The words might be the theme song for womanizers. They must be at ease and respected by many people, including their loved partners.

Mothers and other women who care for their children expressed their frustrations with their male counterparts. They sowed seeds of fear, anger, and resentment to their children. Women openly criticized and ridiculed their male counterparts.

They beat them with a broom to earn more money, then compared to other men and withheld affection, usually sleeping in a different room. This is why these boys usually grew up males who were inactive and fearful of failure, or men who were controlled, abused, or cheated on by women.

What’s the draw of attractive women?

Women who are womanizers possess charisma, charm, and success. In an intimate relationship with womanizers, they can make women feel secure, safe, and attractive. Women whose parents were from households with less income or lost parents or caregivers discovered the men attractive. The curse of excessive gratitude plagued women in these families.

If the woman was raised by an abusive parent, especially an abusive father — these women felt they could tolerate or excuse the womanizer due to all the other benefits that a man offered.

Girls raised in wealthy or well-known families were usually expected to marry well. They were generally attracted to a man who would provide a good life but not necessarily a loving partner.

Yet even girls who have safe and happy families can be attracted to these guys. It took a lot of work for even women with the best intentions to resist all the benefits.

Of course, even in the most successful families, other factors like illness, loss, and a drop in earnings could entice daughters by the woman she likes. But too late, the woman realizes that underneath all that glamor and success lies emotional hurt.

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