What hair colour suits me

The gorgeous natural shades range from strawberry blonde and ash brown, black, and ash blonde to the bold hues of silver, pink, blue, purples, and silver. Answering the question, ‘ What hair color is right for me? What color is best for me?’ is a hue-laden trip.

But don’t worry! Using the rainbow torch, we guide you toward your ideal hair color. The hair color shade selector is all you will need to choose the right hair color that suits you.

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Our quick test can give you all the information about what hair color is best for you.

What hair color suits me?

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What hair color would flatter me?

Choosing a new shade for your hair can be an exciting experience.

It can be stressful because many options are available, and you may make a significant mistake when you try some crazy hair color options.

You want to be light and light. You don’t want to pick something trendy now to have it look outdated within six months.

Additionally, you must select to align with your eye color, skin tone color, and personal style.

Through our online quiz, we will ensure that selecting the right hue of dye for your hair is simple as 1 – 2-3-3!

Also, check out the most trendy shades for this year to get ideas and some inspiration!

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What can I do to find the perfect hair color?

The best shade and tone for you is assessing some essential aspects about you.

It is based on your skin tone, eye colors, and even the shades you wear.

It’s a mix of hues and shades that come together to create the person you are.

You might be interested in knowing what colors are suitable for blue-eyed eyes, what hair colors are uncommon, or if you already have the color green eyes but would like to know the undertones of your eyes or maybe you’re just looking for hair dye options to create a new style.

When you’ve figured out what hues you prefer, It can transform everything from your hair to your bag, even your entire world.

Knowing which hues highlight highlights of your features could completely change your appearance – your face will look more well-framed, the color of your eyes will shine, and your skin will appear radiant and healthy.

What should I consider when choosing the correct hair color to match my complexion?

Selecting the appropriate shade for your skin is the first step. You need to know the tone of your skin and which colors match your skin.

Do you have warm or cool tones? Utilize our checklist below to determine!

(If you can answer “yes” to warm and excellent features, you have neutral undertones! You can select between cool or warm palettes of colors. Lucky you!)

If you’re cool with undertones

You can easily blush!

You have fair skin. You have a skin tone that is either pink or pale.

Colors that are pastel and jewel-like are the perfect choice for you.

The silver and pearls are stunning on you.

Yellow is a way to wash you out and doesn’t flatter you.

You have green and blue veins on your wrist.

If you’re warm undertones

You’ve got golden or red tones in your hair.

You have a medium-to-dark dark skin tone – olive, golden or tan.

Gold jewelry looks stunning on you

You may have freckles.

There are blue, not green, veins on your wrist.

You’ll like bright or deep shades better.


Take note of what you’d like to get from your new hair color. Do you prefer to stand out or blend with the rest of the crowd?

Ask your family and friends what style and color they think will look best on you before deciding.

You can request a chat with the colorist at the salon near you to get an expert perspective.

Pay attention to the maintenance! If your roots begin to show up after two weeks, book an appointment to see your hairstylist immediately!

Before you decide on the color you want to go with, consider whether it clashes with other elements of your appearance, such as the color of your clothes or makeup.

Choose a hair shade matching your skin tone, eye color, and style.

There are numerous shades to choose from that will suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Please learn to care for fresh hair color so it does not fade too fast.

Explore new hair color options with the online hair tester application!

What is it that makes me suitable for spring hair hues?

You have a medium or darker skin tone, such as olive, golden, or darker skin tones that tan easily.

Your natural color will be naturally warmer skin tones, ranging from medium and more neutral tones for your skin.

You’ll want to wear spring-colored clothes – the most beautiful pinks, soft berry yellows, and soft pinks and fuchsia.

Gold jewelry looks stunning on you.

Any vibrant color, like bright yellow or bright orange bases, can look stunning on you

Champagne blonde hair and soft blonde colors.

Golden, rich caramel blondes.

Light brown warm shades.

Honey highlights, along with highlights.

Dark hair colors that are rich and warm such as auburn with a dark red or chocolaty brown.

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