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It’s time for the glamour to return. As the party season approaches, excitement is growing for real-life celebrations. Whether you are excited, apprehensive, or somewhere in between, it’s clear that the world needs an extra splash this year. Tom Ford Beauty is here to help.

The designer’s stunning makeup look, paired with sequins and satins, caused a buzz on the runway at New York Fashion Week in September. The glam factor is finally here. Thanks to Sally O’Neill’s expert tips, you can recreate this look.

The skin

Let’s start with the base. It is the foundation for a glamorous look. O’Neill says that a primer is essential for creating flawless, effortless skin. This Illuminating Primer is a combination of skincare and makeup. It moisturizes the skin while improving texture.

The Tom Ford makeup artists at NYFW used Soft Radiance Foundation SPF50, available in 40 shades and containing Hyaluronic Acid for extra hydration. O’Neill says, “This product is a miracle for evening out skin tone and adding plumpness.” The new Shade and Illuminate Concealer was designed to cover imperfections with a natural, soft touch.

The Eyes

Remember that this look is all in the eyes. The runway’s diffused smoky-mocha effect was a powerful statement. Luckily, you can easily replicate it using essential products.

Start by applying Eye Colour Quad 01 Golden Mink (the rich brown color) to the eyelids and the lower lash line. O’Neill recommends blending to create a sultry look. Next, apply Eye Colour Quad 26 Leopard Sun (the shimmering gold hue) to the crease, tear-duct, and brow bone to add illumination.

How to achieve a Ford-approved look? O’Neill recommends drawing the liner as close as possible to the lashline, then moving slowly to the outer corner before slightly lifting the eye. The eye-defining pen allows you to create the perfect wing effect easily. Finish off with Extreme Mascara, which amplifies lashes.

The eyebrows

Tom Ford’s DNA is a reflection of his architectural background. This means that the focus on the face composition, as usual, is critical to the look. “I brush up my brows and make them look full and fluffy. O’Neill says that angular brows can add dimension and symmetry while enhancing the unique features of your face.

The Brow Sculptor allows you to do this with ease. It has a calligraphy-style tip that allows you to customize each brow stroke. The accompanying grooming tool and sharpener will help you achieve the perfect shape.


O’Neill suggests using the backstage technique to create the look of a just-kissed lip. “Custom-blend together two matte colors: Lip Colour Satin Matte 22 Seduisant, and Lip Colour 01 Spanish Pink. Both shades are rich and give you a peachy pink pout that complements your eye makeup.

The cheeks

Contouring your face is an important step. O’Neill suggests applying Illuminate Duo to some regions of the skin for a subtle glow and natural definition. She says that when sculpting her face, she likes to start under the cheekbones before moving upwards. I then apply the color around the temples, along the jawline, and slightly under the chin.

Placement is essential when it comes to highlighter. The product should be swept onto the tops of the cheekbones. Add a bit under the eyebrow arch, down the nose bridge, and a small amount on the cupid’s arrow. This is where light naturally hits the face and helps to lift it.

What is the final touch? Just a hint of blush. Shade and Illuminate Blush 02 Explicit Flush, a new exciting launch from the brand, is described by O’Neill as having a “lusty, radiant heat.” The two-in-one powder brings the look to life as soon as it is applied.

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