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Each healthy skincare routine begins with a clean, clear complexion. Whatever your kind of skin, washing your face each evening to wash away the dirt, oil, and impurities accumulated throughout the day is vital. This is even more crucial if you’re wearing makeup (as we know, wearing makeup at night is a significant skincare no-no). However, sometimes, you want to avoid enduring the entire ten steps to remove your makeup before settling to bed after a tiring day. This is where cleansing oils come in.

The facial cleansing oil is a form that is a multi-purpose cleanser for the face that helps get rid of ordinary dirt and grime as well as challenging to remove makeup while helping to hydrate the skin. You must be if you’re not using them in your nighttime routine. We’ll review the benefits of oil cleansers and why we like them. Additionally, you’ll be taught the best ways of incorporating our top cleansing oils into your daily skincare routine to have healthier, more moisturized skin.

What Is Cleansing Oil?

Cleansing oils, as their name implies, are face washes made of oil. They’re typically formulated with light plant oils and can emulsify (or foam) when mixed with water. These oils allow oil cleanser to wash away impurities and dirt without weighing down or stripping the skin. This makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive or dry skin.

A few of the top face cleansing oils can assist in removing makeup. This Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is a good example. It can double as cleansing oil and makeup remover. It is made from squalane and the oil of evening primrose. This luxurious formulation blends with water to create mild cleansing milk that dislodges dirt, oil, and other particles (including hard-to-remove water-resistant makeup). Though oil-based, the cleanser is non-comedogenic–meaning it won’t clog your pores–and is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. It is easily rinsed off using water, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and replenished.

How Do You Use a Facial Cleansing Oil?

What you do with cleansing oil will depend on the type of your skin and the goals you wish to achieve. For instance, if you suffer from dried skin, then you could apply your oil cleanser to wash your face and then move on to what you do with your skincare routine. Those with oily skin, for instance, may want to use the dual-cleansing method. It involves cleansing your face with an oil cleanser to remove makeup, then washing it off using a traditional cleaner to wash off any remaining dirt, sebum, or impurities. We’ll show you two methods. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use an oil cleanser in your skincare routine.

Apply Your Cleansing Oil To Dry Skin

Cleansers for oil are different in that they’re usually applied on dry skin rather than a damp face. It might seem odd; however, using the cleaner on dry skin will allow the oil to stick to any sweat, dirt, or makeup on your skin. All the impurities will be removed when you add water to the mix.

To apply your cleanser apply a few drops of the product onto your palms and then rub the oil over your face using upward circular motions. If you’re using a lot of waterproof liquid eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in oil and then place it in the middle of the eyes for a few seconds. This helps remove eyeliner and mascara and help you remove it.

Rinse With Lukewarm Water

After the oil for facial cleansing is evenly distributed over your face, splash water onto your skin, and then work your cleanser to form a smooth lather. It will change from oily to a creamy-like consistency, which is the signal to rinse off any residue left.

Kiehl’s Pro Tip for washing your skin, apply cool water. Hot waters can dry out your skin, leaving your skin dry.

Double-Cleanse With a Foaming Face Wash

This is the second cleansing step that we talked about earlier. It’s not a requirement. However, it can ensure no residue remains on your skin after oil cleansing. If you’re interested in this cleansing technique, a traditional foaming facial wash such as Calendula Deep Facial Cleanser is recommended. This gentle cleanser made of calendula oil and Glycerin assists in removing dirt and impurities and immediately rejuvenates the skin. The formula is not sulfate-based and is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Clean your face as you usually would, and apply a dry towel. Dry, clean towels.

Complete The Rest of Your Skincare Routine

We recommend that you use eye cream, and it’s essential after you’ve removed makeup. To bring back moisture to the delicate eye area, apply a gentle hydrating formula like the Midnight Recovery eye. It is formulated with broom extract from butchers and evening primrose oil. This eye cream at night aids in strengthening and replenishing your eyes. In time, it reduces dark circles. Darkness and decreased puffiness. Apply the cream gently all over the eyes, then continue with your routine using the moisturizer and serum you like. To help you choose the ideal moisturizer, look at our guide, How to Choose the Most Effective Moisturizer for Your skin type.

To finish your evening skincare routine with a bang, apply a few drops of facial oil on the skin after moisturizing. We’re especially fond of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate with lavender essential oil and squalane. The light, non-comedogenic formulation boosts vital moisture to restore the appearance of tired skin. If you apply it regularly, your skin is fir,m smoother, supple, and radiant.

Are Cleansing Oils Just For Your Face?

When the subject of cleansing oils arises, most people think of facial cleansing oils more than ones for your body. However, oil-based body washes exist. They offer the same benefits as face oil cleansers but are made specifically for your body. This Creme de Corps Smoothing Oil-to-Foam Body Cleanser is an instance. When mixed with water, the cleaner, lightly scented with grapeseed oil, is transformed into an excellent foam that cleanses and replenishes the skin. This product is suitable for all types of skin. It can also be applied regularly as a primary body wash. We recommend it for people who suffer from dry skin or dullness.

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