NYX ‘Honey Dew Me up’ Primer Review

Hello, my Jelly Beans! Today, I’m so excited to bring you a review of the NYX primer (PS15, Boots). I don’t usually review primers, but I wanted to share my honest opinion on this one since it has received a lot of attention recently in the blogosphere. I’ve been on the hunt for a primer for some time, and Honey Dew Me Up, The gold-speckled formulation, caught my eye right away. It looks unusual and intriguing! Is it a good primer? Let’s discover together!


The NYX Honey Dew Me Up The Primer is available in a 22ml size and costs PS15. This price is slightly higher than the other options at drugstores, but it’s still affordable. It comes with a spatula to apply the Primer, which I find useful. However, it may be hard to use if there is not much product left. The Primer is golden, with lots of light-reflecting flakes. It’s enriched with collagen and honey. What NYX has to say about the Primer:

The formula is not only perfect as a primer but also helps to neutralize the appearance of redness and discoloration. The Primer’s silky texture, enriched with collagen, gold flakes suspended in water, and honey extract, helps moisturize and firm the skin while fighting signs of aging.

This Primer has great consistency. It is smooth, absorbs well, and feels more like an oil than a primer. The formula is extremely. The following are some examples of how to use hydrating. It is hydrating. Don’t forget that oily skin is not synonymous with hydrated skin. ). It left my skin feeling soft, hydrated, and refreshed after application.

You can also find out more about the following: Honey Dew Me Up Primer creates a smooth surface for the foundation. It keeps makeup in place, but I still notice that my foundation slips off near the end. This is probably due to my oily skin. I’ve seen no ‘glowing effect’ or reduction of redness. It’s still an effective primer, and it has also turned out to be a pretty impressive skin treatment.

This Primer is incredibly hydrating, and I would recommend it to anyone, but I think that those with dry skin are going to love it the most! This is so nourishing and smooth that I’ve been using it on my lips. Overall, I would give Honey Dew Me Up an honest 7/10. While it does not live up to its full claims of ‘glowing, discoloration-free skin,’ It’s a great primer that will make your skin feel wonderful when you apply it.

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