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If you’ve had trouble trying to create salon-like curls using curls that are salon-worthy using your curling tool, it’s not the only one. Curling using a wand is a process that requires some knowledge so the hair tool can be intimidating for beginners.

But consider the beautiful natural S-shaped waves that could be made with a wand for curling, as you’ll realize that spending the time to master this tool correctly is worth it.

Are you looking to enhance your curling skills? Learn more here. The Evalectric’s 12 top ways to curl using a brush.

Always Use a Heat ProtectantBefore curling using the wand and any tool for heated styling, It’s necessary to apply a protection product first.

However good the curling wand you use, the heat it produces will cause damage to your hair. The heat protector covers the hair’s surface and creates a barrier between the hair’s texture and warmth. This means that instead of burning your hair as you curl it with a wand, burn off the layer of heat protectant instead.

Various heat protectants are available in varieties. However, one product frequently used before cutting their hair with heat can be found in the Electric Serum for Hair. It will not only make your hair feel more secure in the event of temperatures, but it’ll provide your hair with a shiny, smooth, healthy-looking look.

Make Sure That Your Hair is Dry Before Curling With a Wand

Curling wands were designed to be employed on dried hair. Even if you have only a few damp hair strands, you’ll be causing serious harm. Wet hair is fragile and cannot withstand hot temperatures, resulting in a burning cuticle.

Before curling your hair with a wand, make sure the hair you are curling is dry.

If you ca unable to blow the hair, take out a quality hair dryer. We suggest that you purchase the Pro Beauty Dryer from Evalectric. It comes with a potent motor as well as three temperatures. This allows for quick drying as well as styling within a short duration. The two concentrator attachments add more style and are the perfect preparation for curling your hair with your wand.

Choose the Right Barrel Size for Your Hair Type

One of the most significant benefits of curling wands is that they can be used with any hair length. The trick is to choose the size of the barrel that is appropriate for your hair’s length. To get the most beautiful curls, be capable of wrapping your hair completely circle within the barrel.

Suppose you have long hair; consider a bigger barrel size, like one with an area of 25/32mm. A good option is the Evalectric Venti Curler. With a larger barrel with a tapered design, this tool allows curling using the wand a breeze for large or thick locks.

If your hair falls between 18 and 25mm, medium-length, using something like that Electrolectric Grande Style Wand with a barrel that measures 18/25mm will be ideal for you. This curling tool is perfect for minimizing the look of damage because of the technology of far infrared together with positive ions technology which it comes with.

Of course, if you have shorter hair and are rude, you’ll require a smaller barrel. Small curling wands could be the best alternative for those with short hair. This is the same for those who plan to use the wand to curl their bangs. You don’t need the bulky, oversized barrel resting in front of your head!

Choose the Right Barrel for Your Desired Curl Type

When curling using a wand, not only do you need to ensure that the barrel you’re using fits the hair type you have However, but you should also be aware of the kind of curls you’d like to achieve.

It is a fact that the bigger the barrel is, the more expansive and soft the curls will be. Additionally, you can use a smaller barrel. Your curly hair will be less and tighter and more similar to a ringlet.

Naturally, the fact that your curling wand has a tapered design can play a role in the kind of curls that you make. While cylindrical rods are ideal for creating regular, symmetrical circles, an angled barrel is more suitable for beachy, casual waves. The waves you make appear higher near the crown of your hair before getting smaller towards the ends of your hair. This creates a natural appearance.

Dial Down the Temperature Whenever Possible

When curling using the wand, many users immediately turn their baton to the maximum temperature before going. If you’re in the same boat as this, you need to alter your routine.

In general, you should use the least amount of heat possible. As previously mentioned, the effects of heat are very damaging to hair. Therefore, do it if you can curl your hair with less heat. Most people with thin or fine hair do not require the same heat as those with coarse or thick hair.

How do you calculate the heat you must apply when curling using a tool?

It’s easy – find the wand that can be adjusted to your temperatures. At Evalectric, we offer a wide selection of curling wands that can dial in a temperature that lets you adjust the temperature to fit your hair. We recommend using the lowest setting and gradually increasing the temperature until you’ve reached an appropriate temperature to make perfect curls without causing damage.

Section Your Hair

Although you might be tempted to pull out a wand for curls and start curly stressed, it’s essential to ensure you first divide your hair.

Two ways of doing this: horizontally or vertically. Vertical sections leave you with soft waves, whereas horizontal sections can provide greater volume.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure the curls you create are the correct size. If you have thick hair, it is recommended only to be able to curl 1-inch sections at one time. However, those with shorter hair can manage with and 2 inches.

T sections more significant the hair section is curled, the less bouncy the curl will become. Choose smaller portions if you want to create striking and tight curls.

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