Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina eyeshadow palette review and swatches

Hello, my lovelies! Today is a special day. I’m very excited to bring you a review. Norvina Eyeshadow palette Anastasia Beverly Hills (PS43). This palette has been a big hit in the beauty world. Some people have complained of a powdery texture and heavy Fallout. When I first saw the ad, I was ecstatic to try it. When I first saw it, I was blown away. Norvina, The shade selection of the eyeshadow palette I bought online was absolutely stunning. The palettes that I have are mostly warm-toned. I was eager to try something different and slightly outside of my comfort zone. Today, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion on this small palette. Does it live up to the hype? Does the Fallout actually hurt that much? Find out together!

Norvina offers fourteen eyeshadows in seven matte and seven metallic finishes. The selection is divided into two rows, which I find very appealing. One is for metallic and matte shades. It looks neat. The palette is packaged in classic Anastasia Beverly Hills Velvet packaging that looks and feels luxurious. The palette also comes with a large mirror and a dual-ended bristle eyeshadow brush to help you blend and apply the eyeshadows.

This palette is so beautiful. The colors are unique, sparkly, and almost whimsical. They look like something from a fairytale. The colors are amazing, sparkly, and almost whimsical. They look like something out of a fairy tale. Norvina, The palette is not as cool as it may appear. It’s a neutral palette, apart from the purples and blues. A few shades have warm undertones.

The Metallics

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ metallic palettes are the most shimmering I have ever seen. The shades are buttery, rich, and beautifully pigmented. The metallic finish was hard to capture. They look blinding on the swatches; They are beautiful when blended on the eyelids. The formula is so fragile! These are very fragile, and you have to be careful when dipping in. They can cause a mess. A lot of Fallout. Once blended, they will last for the entire day without smudging. However, the application can be messy.

The Mattes

These aren’t ‘true mattes’. I’m not sure if it’s clear from the swatches. They have a tiny bit of shimmer. Just look at this close-up image of Soul in a pan. They aren’t as drying as mattes. They are buttery and offer great pigmentation. They are fragile and fall out a lot, just like the metallic shades. They aren’t as powdery as shimmers, but they still require a bit of care. I prefer to use a slightly wet brush to apply them.

In direct sunlight, apply one layer of eyeshadow with a wet brush.

The shimmers and swatches were removed from direct sunlight, and one layer was applied using a finger.

The mats and Swattches were removed from direct sunlight. One layer is applied using a finger.

The Shades

Dreamer. Metallic pink champagne is Ideal for highlighting your inner corners.

Summer. Metallic golden color Golden with warm undertones.

Wild Child Frosty metallic pink: A light pink with warm undertones. It’s one of the more fragile shades in the palette. I recommend using a dampened brush to apply it.

Rose Gold Metallic rosewood It’s my favorite shimmer from the palette. It is actually quite dark but has a metallic finish.

Celestial. Metallic, chromatic violet. Medium purple, slightly cooler – unique and interesting.

Dazzling. Metallic, chromatic bronze. This medium bronze with warm undertones looks great when paired with Summer.

Drama. Metallic aubergine with a chromatic finish. This palette contains a rich, deep shade of plum that is not as fragile.

Base. Matte eggshell. A very light beige color with a name that is self-explanatory!

Soul. Matte wisteria. It’s one of my favorites in this palette. A dusty wisteria with a hint of sparkle and cool undertones. It has a whimsical, nostalgic feel.

Incense. Dusty, matte terracotta. A medium brown shade that is perfect for transitional shades.

Love. Matte, cool pink. This matte is a dusty rose with a cool finish. It’s more powdery in texture than the other mattes. The color is beautiful, but there’s a lot of Fallout.

Volatile. Matte. Warm charcoal: A medium, warm brown with a matte finish.

Eccentric. Matte, burnt dark orange. Medium brown with warm undertones, almost orange.

Passion. Matte, deep garnet. This is the darkest color in the palette. It’s a rich, deep plum with brown undertones.

The palette is a mess after the first use. I tried to be careful, but it was still a mess. The shimmers are especially fragile and do not stay together well in the pan.

The Good

Shades of beauty and versatility

Beautiful packaging (brush included).

Buttery and creamy eyeshadow consistency

Once applied, the effects of Long-lasting lubricants

The Bad

The metallic formulas are particularly fragile.

There are many fallouts when you apply.

The Verdict

Norvina is a great eyeshadow palette, but I have some reservations. I love how versatile and unique the palette is. You can create soft, casual looks with it but also experiment with more vibrant colors. It has amazing pigmentation and lasting power. If it weren’t for the looseness and fragility of these eyeshadows, this would be my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette. The eyeshadows are not easy to use – you can see from the picture above that the metallics fall apart when touched by a brush. The downside is that you have to dampen your brush before you can use it. The Norvina eyeshadow pallet by Anastasia Beverly Hills is therefore given an honest review. 7/10 !

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